Changing times...

Greetings friends!
After almost 3 years of blogging Estesart I have decided to change
the look and contents.

I have would love to invite you all to my new blog!
It is at...

This new blog will be a link from my Limelightartworks site and store.
C Ya all there!
Love, Mary

Im Baaaaack (once again)

Hello once again!
I certainly have been on the run this summer.
Of course I'm also hoping for one more trip zippin back to
Louisville before school begins for me.
My Dad continues to improve with his OT and PT and
I sure am thrilled about that!
Family is EVERYTHING isn't it!!!

We just returned from a stay on Lake Seneca which was MOST ENJOYABLE!!!
I will post some pics of it!
big news at the moment is....
COCO Chanel!
My new rescued puppy!!!!
She is 6 months old little poodle and as soon as I can I will be posting some photos of her!
All for now!
Take care all and thanks for stopping by!

The view from the lake house

A visit by the lake with my good friend Carol

Kayaking fun

Happy Birthday Sasa!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sweet sister Sandy!

Sending lots of Happy birthday wishes and loads of Love!!!!

I enjoyed a wonderful day today at the zoo with my little grandsons!

There was a beautiful and fairly newborn giraffe there

along with elephants,bison kangaroos,penguins,zebras, snow leopard etc. etc.!
I was most intrigued by the anteater! What a large interesting looking fellow!

Its getting late so Im off for now.
Enjoy your trip to AC

A Joyful summer day!

Hello There!
What a totally Gorgeous day it was today!!!
Hit about 80 with warm breezes and loads of sunshine!!
Had a morning meeting at school then I was off to AC Moore's for some jewelry findings and
back to the studio working on some pendants for an upcoming craft show in Indiana.
One more shopping trip to the Mall and then it was back home again.
Shopping and crafting=True Happiness!
Here are some pore pics of the batch of earrings I took to Louisville on my last trip down.

If you click on my pics it should make them larger...

When I return from the studio tommorow I will post
some pics of my pendants Im sending off to Indiana.
Until then... Keep cool and enjoy these marvelous summer days!


Hi there!
Well....As I mentioned before-I have been
flying back and forth since May 23rd to visit my parents.
I am so blessed to be able to say that my dad is recouping from his stroke!
Not able to use a walker just yet but we pray that in time he will be able to get around by himself.
Words do not express the mixed feelings I feel in living so far away from them.
Me in MA. for the past 30 some years and my parents down in Louisville Ky.
Thank goodness... I am fortunate enough to have most of my summers free as I teach during the school year!
One day one of the nurses asked me if I owned stock in the airlines as I go back and forth so much!
Anyway... I now try VERY hard to live in the moment and make the best of TODAY!!!!
Often spoken but seldom really lived!
While home (in New England) I have been creating art in the form of jewelry and painting on glass.
(along with my usual watercolor painting and silk painting)
Here are some photos of the 35 plus pairs of earrings I made and helped dad
give out to the nurses and aides on his floor.

And yes... There are still more!!
I am off for now but will be back with more of my artistic endeavors soon!
love ya!

Tuesday Crafts Night with the girls

can you tell I am feeling a bit less stressed these days!
Ahhhh finally!

Tonite was crafts nite and it was at Jans home.
We girls have been getting together for about25 years now!!!
Give or take some times when our working schedules and
raising children just didn't allow any free time for the get togethers.

Jan was doing some needle work while Betty, Laurie and Nancy were knitting and I was doing some
crochet work on the edge of a flannel baby blanket. The past year we work less
and just chat and enjoy wine and dessert! So I am feeling quite calm an happy!

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the various earrings I have been working on this week and
maybe do some painting on silk scarves.

I found this quote to be both inspirational and quite true...
All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography.
Federico Fellinio

All for tonite! Can you take a few more of my wildlife pictures?
Here are a few!

Eww turns out those are not little black seeds after all!

I have returned!

As you can see I have finally returned!
My plan is to be home a few more days and then I am off again to
"My Old Kentucky Home"
I am so grateful to all my friends who have been keeping my dad in their prayers these past weeks!!
Happily I can report that my dad is working hard at his recovery from the strokes and
I believe all is going as well as can be expected!
Returning home I was blessed with the fresh cool breezes of New England.

among other things hee hee!

As much as I love the city of Louisville... the summer weather can be positively oppressive.

Since I am home for a few days I am working on some little gifts to take with me and give to the various nurses and
aid's who have been helping my dad!
I will also pack a few of my scarves as well...In case someone doesn't have their ears pierced

So friends thats all for today! I will leave you with some photos of
what is in bloom around my yard!

Thanks for stopping by!

Leelou Blogs

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Happy Birthday Wishes to my Cookye!!!!!
Today she turns 30!!!!
Hard to imagine she is all grown up and celebrating
her big 30!!!!
Sending you tons of hugs and kisses honey!!!
Hi there my friends! You may have noticed that I havent been posting in a week or more.
I flew down to Ky Tues a week ago to see my Dad.
He had a stroke and is in rehab here. My Dad is a strong Christian and a fighter so
I am proud of him and his strength he has shown in his fight back to regain his
health and mobility etc.
So dear friends I will not be posting much while I am away...
I will check in when I have the opportunity
so until then... take care of yourselves and
please keep me and my loving family in your prayers!
God Bless!

The Count Down!

Count down  has begun...
2 days of classes left ....
Then -Thursday  is "Class Day"
(The day for awards and
we all literally eat our way through the day!)
Freshman Breakfast...
Cake with the Sophomores then after skits
its the big Luncheon -Whhhoohoo
Sunday is graduation!
Mon -Fri exams for the lower classmen
Field trip MON and  then
IM freeeeeee ! Summer here I come!

Spring fronds down the street are rapidly unfolding!